Get clarity on your most pressing life questions fast.

Sometimes you have to make a big decision. One that will potentially impact the rest of your life. Will you stay in your safe but life sucking job or start your own business? Is now a good time to move abroad to be with the love of your life or should you wait? Is this the college that will bring you lasting happiness?

At other times you can’t stop repeating destructive patterns. No matter how many times you’ve promised yourself to stop doing this. Have you fallen for Mr. Not So Nice Guy again? Has that so called “sweet” colleague manipulated you into taking the full responsibility for a shared project again? Is your baby sister making a mess out of her life and counting on you to pick up the pieces behind her again?

When trying to come up with a solution for such issues you may keep running in circles in your mind. Especially if your mind and heart just can’t seem to agree on the best way forward. You may have lost touch with your intuition because every person you ask advice gives you a different opinion, leaving you feeling more and more confused. In these situations a tarot reading can be a big help.

The Tarot won’t just tell you what to do, but will reconnect you with your own inner wisdom in a straightforward, simple and direct way. Add to the mix my talent to accurately assess the energy you carry with you regarding the subject on hand and my ability to lovingly give you the honest truth, and within 60 minutes of us spending time together you will have gained a new perspective on what’s bothering you. Sort of like a clogged up sink that gets suddenly unclogged your energy is now free to move again and help you find new creative solutions you had no access to prior to our session. I make sure to create a safe and completely nonjudgmental environment so you can just be yourself with me. But I promise not to stop digging till we get to the heart of the matter. Which sometimes turns out to be completely different than you may have thought…..

“Daniëlle’s tarot sessions are truly a gift! Through her strong intuition, wisdom and kindness she is able to pinpoint exactly what you need to focus on. Her interpretations of the tarot are sharp and very clear, helping you to gain deep insight within a short period of time.”


“Daniëlle, you truly are and have an exceptional talent. You have already brought me so much insight, space and especially inner peace. And I know this is just the beginning. On behalf of myself, and the world, I thank you!”


Practical information TAROT READING

Tarot readings take 60 minutes and will take place online via Skype.

Find peace and regain your self-confidence after a broken heart.

From personal experience I know that a broken heart can be one of the most painful life lessons you will ever have. During my first real heartbreak I was in so much emotional, mental and even physical pain that I could, for the first time, get why people would want to numb this horrible pain with drinking or doing drugs. But I’ve grown to learn that it is this same heartbreak that can be the most transformative and spiritual experience in your life. That is, if you choose to use it for that end.

There are more events than the end of a love relationship that can leave you with a broken heart. You may have lost a dear loved one through illness or an accident. Or maybe your dream project fell through, despite the heart and soul you poured into it. Or someone you trusted may have betrayed you big time. The devastating emotions you feel after such an event often are very similar to what you might feel when love ends.

You feel insecure, lonely, unloved and like a failure. And you have, at least for a little while, lost the trust in yourself and life in general.

It may feel like the carpet has been swept from underneath your feet. And however much you try to move on, maybe by rationally saying to yourself that this too shall pass or by trying to say your goodbye’s as lovingly and “spiritual” as you can, you just can’t seem to energetically cut yourself loose from the situation. You keep asking the “why-question”non-stop. You are gloomy, emotional or very angry and may start shutting yourself off from the people who care or start making unhealthy lifestyle choices for yourself. Now that you have lost your focus, energy and lust for life you may find yourself wondering who this pathetic obsessed being that you’ve become is.

It may seem like you hardly recognize the person you see in the mirror!

I will be the last person to tell you to simply buckle up, let it go and get on with your life. But the first to let you know that it is this exact thing that you see as your biggest failure now that can become your biggest blessing. Again, if that is what you choose to use it for. A HEARTBREAK HEALING is an opportunity to do just that.

We start your healing journey with a tarot reading to uncover what went “wrong” and get clarity on your part in it all. After that we plan 3 chakra healings in which I help you cut the energetic chords between you and your ex lover or project, assist you in regaining your self-confidence and getting your inner stability back. We end the healing with another tarot reading to assess where you are now energetically, what direction you are heading and to learn what can help you along your new path.

After a session with me you will generally feel:




Intuitively attuned


In your body

Together we will have stopped the downward spiral of negative thinking, wearyness and obsessive thoughts long enough for you to get back in touch with your higher self. That sacred part of you that will help you through this challenge, restore your faith in life and help you focus on a new life path.

The HEARTBREAK healing consists of:

1 tarot reading to assess where you are and how you got there

1 chakra healing with guided meditation, chakra healing crystals and reiki treatment to ground you

1 chakra healing with guided meditation, chakra healing crystals and reiki treatment to regain your self-confidence

1 chakra healing with guided meditation, chakra healing crystals and reiki treatment to heal your heart and cut the energetic chords

1 tarot reading to assess your new perspective and see what direction to move in next

“After quite some years all of the sudden it was over. In my case I was the one still willing to work on the relationship, plus I still had so many unanswered questions. As far as I was concerned this was the love of my life and suddenly she was gone.

However, my (ex) partner had already moved on. Way on, even engaging in another relationship. So it was difficult for me to find my closure. Hard as I tried to cooperate with her on all fronts, in the hope that this would help me close this chapter as well, after a couple of months I was nowhere near a resolution and feeling down and lost.

Now, a few healing and tarot sessions onwards, I have been able to finally properly let go of the relationship by energetically taking back what was mine and returning my ex’s energy that was no longer serving me. After the final healing session I felt centered and back in balance and have since moved on with my life. The beautiful memories remain and have become part of me but no longer hinder me in my current or future decisions.

To anyone who has suffered such a devastating loss, be it because of an ending love relationship, the passing of a loved one or any other reason, I highly recommend you investing time in finding closure through Daniëlle’s HEARTBREAK HEALING. Don’t sweep your feelings under the rug. You know they’ll come back to haunt you in a new relationship, in friendships or maybe even at work. Start afresh taking the gained knowledge and wisdom with you, so you can move forward in your life with clarity and power.”

L.J. Katsma

Practical information HEARTBREAK HEALING

Tarot readings take 60 minutes and will take place online via Skype. Chakra healings take 90 minutes and take place in my studio in Amsterdam Zuid.
The HEARTBREAK HEALING package is valid for 3 months from the date of purchase. I recommend you to plan a session every other week with me for optimal benefit. This will give you the much needed time to restructure your energy and really work through your emotions in-between sessions.

Payment in full

€ 350,-

3 Monthly payments

€ 122,-

If you would like to get to know me first you can also book a single tarot reading or single chakra healing with me.

If you want to align your body, mind and soul so your life can flow (even) better.

You don’t have to have something bad happen to you to come for a healing with me.


Why? Because it is than that you are most open to receiving inner guidance and help to take you to your “next level” in life. Of course you can use my healings as some sort of “crisis management” when things are falling apart, and many people do. But you can also use them to learn how to better communicate with your soul. The best (preventative) self care and way of working on long term happiness available to you.

Your soul, higher self, inner guide, or whichever name you want to give the Divine nature that resides in you, is your best and most clear compass. If you want a life that flows with more ease, brings you the most satisfaction and in which you can be of valuable service to others, than IMPROVING YOUR COMMUNICATION WITH YOUR SOUL IS AN ABSOLUTE MUST!

The most effective way of doing so that I know of is through working with the chakra’s. The energy gateways between your body, mind and soul. The SOUL RECONNECTION CHAKRA HEALING is designed to help you experience the energy in your chakra’s, to help you open them and align your body, mind and soul.

This healing is for you if:

you wish to further your spiritual capacities

you want to improve your intuition

you want more clarity about your life goal or purpose

you are highly sensitive and want to learn how to better deal with that

you feel like you need to make a (big) change in your life but don’t know what it is you need to change or how to go about it

you want to improve your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing through energy work

you want practical tools to help you work with your chakra’s on a daily basis

you want to learn the real“secret” behind “the secret”

After a chakra healing you will generally feel:







De CHAKRA HEALING consists of:

6 custom made chakra healings

intens frequency upgrading guided chakra meditations

chakra treatments with healing crystals and reiki

practical information to work with and balance your chakra’s on a daily basis

MY FREE GIFT TO YOU: One Skype tarot reading on your upcoming birthday. Hip hip hurray!

“Never before have I experienced such deep relaxation than during and after my first chakra healing. I was new to this experience and a bit anxious about what was going to happen. But it wasn’t scary or weird at all. But instead a loving, inspirational session that has been of benefit to me for a very long time after it was over. Daniëlle’s sessions are all about you and she goes out of her way to make you as comfortable as she can. What a great experience to feel so connected to myself!”



The chakra healings take 90 minutes and take place in my studio in Amsterdam Zuid. The tarot reading takes 60 minutes and will take place online via Skype.

The SOUL RECONNECTION CHAKRA HEALING is valid for 6 months from the day of purchase. You can book the 6 sessions in 6 weeks in a row, or for example one every month as a sort of monthly SELF CARE GIFT to yourself. For maximum benefit I recommend you book one every other week. In this way we keep in the flow of things but you still have enough time to feel and assimilate the energetic effects of the healings in-between our sessions.

Payment in full

€ 450,-

3 montly payments

€ 155,-

If you would like to get to know me first you can also book a single chakra healing with me.

“Seeing you leave relieved, calm and with clarity after our session. Soothed and fully connected to your own inner wisdom again. This is what I live for!”

Daniëlle van den Stoom
Soul Care Coach & Heart Break Healer

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